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concept development

No matter what stage you are in the development process, I can help you move forward with your project initiative in the most efficient way. I have 25 years experience launching new products across many industries.

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cad design & prototype

Proficient in CAD design I can work with your engineer or mine. I have extensive experience with CNC prototypes ensuring you'll know exactly how your product will look and perform prior to manufacturing.

patent services

If desired, I will help you get a patent for your idea. I have obtained many patents over the years and understand the entire process. I will work with your attorney or mine to ensure the best possible submission.


As demonstrated in the examples below and elsewhere on this website, I am an expert in branding and marketing across all channels. I will create all the tools you need to get the best possible exposure to your target market.


Advertising can be key to your success. Whether it's print, digital, radio, television, I can create and place your advertising. If your current agency handles that aspect I will work under-the-radar in your behalf as a valuable team member.

public relations

I never underestimate the power of public relations. Press releases to key journalists and media outlets can make all the difference. There are several PR home runs shown on this website that illustrate the role of PR.

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program development

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Below are a few examples showing how FairwayPro moved from idea to worldwide sales success.

short-form TV infomercial

This video is also used for E commerce, retail POS looping video, trade shows, etc.

TV coverage by the golf channel

at the pga merchandise show
As seen on TV, Golf Channel

TV coverage by nbc sports

during the accenture match play match tournament with Jimmy Roberts
As seen on TV, NBC Sports

FairwayPro copycat

see video below. learn why the fairwaypro out-performs a cheaply made attempt at an imitation

now under development

commercial version for golf courses and driving ranges

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