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We have years of industry experience including providing marketing and communications services for American Medical International, Fortune 100 health care and AMI Diagnostic Services with 268 hospitals and 50,000 employees.

Medical Reality Television Programming collaboration

real people, real stories

We teamed up with the Gary Group on this project.
Anyone can offer testimonials, scripted or otherwise. Our technique is real stories as they happen featuring real patients and caregivers in a hospital setting. Quite often, these stories have depicted caregivers actually using advanced medical devices to save, improve and extend real lives. Our proven “in the moment” storytelling techniques can be just as compelling for its audience of end users and clinicians. These stories are shot by trusted crews embedded in the action, who live this kind of production everyday, shot against the backdrop of Sharp HealthCare a place whose 18,000 caregivers have grown to embrace, love and trust the benefits of this kind of 'eye on their action' for over a decade. We do not use actors. We do not film reenactments. In a sea of staged “reality” shows, our technique is Medical Reality, told in the moment.

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