About Us


We are successful because we occupy a niche unlike any agency or think tank. From the start, we have excelled in “Special Projects Marketing & PR.” That is what makes us unique and valuable.


While we have successfully served hundreds of clients of all sizes, it is no coincidence some of the largest organizations in the world have sought our hands-on special project marketing support, strategic thinking and benefited greatly from these services. Most brands typically rely on their ad agencies to do what they do best. However, since most ad agencies don’t get into the trenches and learn how their clients actually do business, they aren’t generally called upon to help get the rest of the heavy lifting done.

Our combination of experience and seasoned expertise, combined with our reliance on virtual collaboration with expert colleagues, connected via the Internet, is at the core of our pricing advantage. This allows us to deliver high-quality services at a fraction of the cost of traditional agencies. As under-the-radar consultants, our advertising, traffic-building, and media roll-outs exceed expectations compared to the services ad agencies, PR firms, or in-house marketing teams who can be challenged in these areas.


  • We developed B2B, B2C & PR tools to manage and help implement the largest retail re-branding initiative in U.S. business history
  • Branded and helped launch Johnny Rockets now with 330 worldwide sites. Johnny Rockets was acquired by Sun Capital Partners in 2013 for an undisclosed amount
  • Branded and developed advertising/PR for Los Angeles parking structure, WallyPerk, now a $600 million dollar annual business with 18 airport locations and many more on the way
  • Partnered with leading quick-service restaurants (QSRs) to create a successful U.S. co-branding assistance program for the largest company in the world. So successful it has been extended globally
  • Following the $178 million racial bias lawsuit settlement, we created and managed an affirmative action program to enlist woman, African American, and other minority franchisees for Texaco and Shell


Our skill sets fit well with today’s economy, business operations, and consumer engagement as companies roll out new and exciting initiatives and re-brand strategies that never occurred to them before. We are experts at supporting these initiatives as the go-to team for special projects. Working with executives, corporate management, brand and category managers, in-house marketing teams, we co-develop and execute special projects quickly and economically.

  • Geo-targeted advertising
  • Media buying and placement
  • Digital marketing services
  • Sell-in & Sell-through programs
  • B2B & B2C sales tools
  • Corporate communications
  • Public relations
  • Design services


Our retail marketing approach is in tune with today’s multi-channel customer journey-focused marketing environment.