Management Team


Sales & Marketing Director

James McFarlin is a leading creative director and marketing expert who has produced award-winning advertising campaigns, cross platform web applications to streamline franchise local store marketing, digital ads and websites. He has designed & directed new product launches for Johnny Rockets, Skechers, WallyPark and FairwayPro. He developed the B2B, B2C and PR tools to help implement the re-branding of over 10,000 Texaco retail locations to the Shell brand. His agency served as the primary marketing communications firm for Shell and Texaco producing financing programs, co-branding and branded car wash initiatives. Other noted clients include Mattel, Trammel Crow (CBRE), Coldwell Banker, Guess Jeans, Body Glove, and other global brands. He was Communications Director at American Medical International (AMI), serving 268 hospitals and more than 50,000 employees. He earned his B.A. degree and master’s degree in Communications & Visual Studies from the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC).


Financial Analysis & Business Management

Margaret McFarlin is a financial analysis and business development expert. She was Business Development Manager for Texaco Refining & Marketing Inc., served on the transition team for the merger of Texaco and Shell downstream assets in the U.S. and helped facilitate the largest retail re-branding initiative in U.S. business history. She has developed proprietary tools, and applications for decision-making, financial analysis, sales forecasts and capital investment. As founder of a recreational products company, she authored four patents and directed manufacturing and e-commerce sales. She earned her M.B.A. from the University of Chicago, and is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.


Public Relations

David Kuff has served as a marketing and public relations executive for Marriott Resorts, All Nippon Airways, U.S. Navy, Las Vegas Home Shows, and other lifestyle, technology, and cyber security clients. As media director he has placed $100M in broadcast, digital, and social media advertising. His product launches and sales campaigns have delivered exceptional revenues and earned feature news coverage on CNN, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Yahoo! Finance, Fox News Channel, NBC News, Buzzfeed, and other media outlets. He was a copywriter at J. Walter Thompson, PR Director at Hakuhodo, and earned his B.A. degree in Communications from the University of Maryland.


Advertising & Media

David Ludewig has directed media sales and new business development at leading U.S. advertising and media agencies. He directed sales at Horizon Media, the largest independent media company, which has served GEICO, IHOP, Volvo and others. He has held senior sales positions at Ionic Media, Davis/Elen, CBS Radio, Castells y Asociados, and The Gary Group serving clients such as L.A. Times, Toyota, McDonald’s, HBO, Showtime, and Spike TV. He is a regular guest lecturer at USC Annenberg School of Media Communications, a board member of Ad Relief of Greater Los Angeles and earned his B.A. degree in Rhetoric/Communications from State University of New York.


Film Manager

Taka Arai is a creative specialist and founder of Pathfinder Pictures. He produced Until The Night (Norm Reedus), Yellow (John Cho), Shadow Fury (Fred Williamson) and distributes more than 250 feature films. As Director of Advertising and PR for Warner Bros. Japan he released The Lion King, The Fugitive, The Bodyguard, JFK, Silence of the Lambs and 60 other films, breaking sales records under his tenure. He has served as creative director and general manager for advertising agencies including Hakuhodo Advertising Los Angeles where he won numerous honors including Clio Awards, Belding Awards, NY Art Directors Club Awards and Los Angeles Art Directors Club Awards.